Quirkiness of Place

Surprising no one who knows me even the wee littlest bit, “Quirkiness of Place” is required to make my list of writing nooks of the world. Yes, I did indeed capitalize that. Here’s why…

As I begin to tiptoe through this whole “Tiptoeing Soul” experiment in travel blogging, I am realizing that my standard for retreat “must-haves” is startlingly different than most lists. While the quintessential “View” marks the first round of eliminations, it is this “QoP” that plows through the second. See? Capitalization earned.

What is “Quirkiness of Place”? Well, it’s much easier to tell you what it is not.

1.) It is not oddity for the sake of oddity. There must be a reason, a history, a tale, if you’d like, for each unexpected cranny in my nook.

2.) It does not negate luxury. “QoP” simply doesn’t require it.

3.) It does not have to be a “one and only” in the whole world, it must simply feel that way to me. I never want to stumble upon another just like it down the hall.

4.) It must never push me out the door. I want to have to war with myself to leave its walls for the world outside, no matter what wonders may lie on the other side of its door.

So, there you have it. A small glimpse into my vetting process. Other filters will no doubt arise as we continue down the path of this blog. (For example: I am not a rich woman and will most likely never be. Budgetary concerns, therefore, do come into play. It has to be doable, even if doable means saving every penny for a number of years. I am nothing if not patient.)

Alright, enough of these words. On to the nooks!

Chloe Stowe


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