Writing Nook #1: Hen Wrych Hall Tower

Hen Wrych Hall Tower… Abergele, Conwy County, Wales

Admittedly, a bit far afield but what Writing Nook doesn’t appreciate a little distance?

The facts you will find down below. I’ve only included details that made my writer’s soul go all warm and gooey. The links should all be active, so please click to find out whatever else might tickle your own fancy.

But first I ask you to suffer through my opinion. Afterwards, feel free to discard it entirely. All thoughts and words are entirely my own.

As always, let’s begin with my three Writing Nook criteria…

View: To my dismay, I could find no pictures of what lies outside the tower’s windows. However, one former guest did say it was delightful. And one description put up by the owners says that the tower overlooks 500 year old Hen Wrych Hall. I’m a sucker for old. So, I’m willing to go on faith with this one.

Environs Explorability: Located on the northern coast of Wales (only a five minute walk to the Irish sea), this faraway land of castles, hillforts, and ghosts (evil twin sisters who locked their younger brother in the attic for 53 years… until younger brother killed and “consumed” them) would stroke my inner history nerd to delicious distraction.

Quirkiness of Place: Let’s allow the pictures to speak for themselves (with just a few asides from me, of course.)

An early 19th century tower for Gwyrch Castle (only 1,300 feet away), this writing nook is entirely your own for only a wee pile of coin (approximately $165 per night… a steal, if I dare say).
If one cannot make love in a bed such as this, then one must write in it. (Of course, I’d prefer a bit of both.)
As winter rages outside the tower’s thick stone walls, I and a moleskin journal could while away many hours in this deep slipper bath.
Begone, television! This kitchen nook and I have many tales to tell the Welsh dawn.
A hand-carved mahogany staircase, you say? Yes, please.
For some reason, this is my favorite spot in the tower. I think inspiration lingers here.

The Facts: This “cottage” rental is available through many holiday rental sites. I have linked the pictures to my favorite, “Welsh Country Cottages,” but if you’d rather I’ve listed a few other connections below. The tower is available for stays from 2 nights to 21 (my personal leaning). I have as of yet to find a negative review of this nook. But please, if you have personal experience of your own, whether good or poor, let me know. I’d be glad to add your opinion here.

The Links:

Welsh Country Cottages



Selfcatering Travel


Until the next nook…

Chloe Stowe







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