Her Name is Zelda

Zelda Fitzgerald

Her name is Zelda. My new piece of luggage, that is.

(I don’t know which is more disturbing. The fact that I’ve named a spinner suitcase anything, or the fact that I’ve named her after Zelda Fitzgerald. That condemnation I’ll leave to you.)

Zelda is dark blue with tropical birds dappled all over her. She has a muted recognizability, a spunky accountability and a quirky “je ne sais quoi” that will hopefully prove a faithful companion through many lands and into many, many of the writing nooks contained within this blog.

It is here that I should remind you this travel blog is a work in progress. It will inevitably be in flux. Case in point: Zelda. A jolly come-later to the party, her unexpected presence is thanks to my sister (a girl who has accompanied me on many outlandish adventures over the years). As my sister now has a life (i.e. spouse, child, career, natural normalcy), Zelda will serve beautifully as seat-filler for my original travelling accomplice.

In the next few days, a new writing nook will appear here. As I’ve gathered my list of potential nook-ers, I’ve realized I’m drawn both financially and psychiatrically more to holiday rentals than to traditional bed and breakfasts. This might change as this blog rumbles on, but as of now expect more rentals than inns… Of course, the next writing nook is a bed and breakfast, just to keep you on your toes.

Until the next nook, Zelda and I wish you soundness of both mind and words.

Chloe Stowe


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