Writing Nook Dare #1: Monemvasia, Greece

When I began this travel blog just weeks ago, I was under the absurd impression that my self-appointed “writing nooks” would fall into only one of three categories: 1.)Doable, 2.)Doable but d—n too expensive and 3.)No way in hell my mind could make it there.

Oh, what a simpleton, I was.

In this week alone, categories and sub-categories of nooks have sprung like dandelions from my fertile (though sadly uterus-less) soul. No worries, though. I will weed them out before they are introduced to you. That said, what should be Writing Nook #3 will now become my First Writing Nook Dare.

(For a rather long-winded though enjoyable explanation of what makes a property “daring” to my eccentric make-up, please see yesterday’s post “Guts Required Here.”)

Only certain establishments will fall into this adventurous and/or challenging category. (I am rather cowardly at times and will not put on center stage a nook I would not book, so the pickings become slim and narrow.)

So, without further jawing, please enjoy this rarity…

The island of Monemvasia was separated from the Peloponnese Coast by an earthquake in 375 AD. It wasn’t until 1971 that the island was once again linked to mainland Greece, this time by a road.

Holiday Rental in Monemvasia, Greece

Tucked into the medieval island fortress of Monemvasia, a man by the name of George Kissamitakis rents a magnificent “writing nook.” While there are forty-four square meters of kitchen, dining, bedroom and bath inside, the real treat is the spectacular terrace. Brilliant views of the sea under unvarnished Mediterranean skies await the lucky guest who lingers here for a few nights… a few weeks…a few months… well, you get the picture.



The medieval town of Monemvasia was founded in 583 AD.

View: The terrace is the true gem here. I have no idea if there are views of any kind from the windows of the kitchen or bedroom… and neither do I care.

The view from the terrace. Enough said, isn’t it?

Quirkiness of Place: Google Monemvasia. Go ahead, do it. I’ll happily wait… There. If that is not the quintessential image of historical quirkiness, I don’t know what is.

Guts are Required, Why?: First off, the interior space is small. With no soaring windows to break the tee-tiny-ness, I fear cabin fever (i.e. claustrophobia nonsense) might kick in if the weather does not allow outside play.

Simple. Quaint. Perfect for just a writer and her story.
As long as there’s a pillow involved somewhere, I could drop exhausted and novel-worn to this bed. (There are even nightlights on the headboard in case inspiration hits before the dawn.)

Secondly, the bathroom. Mouse-sized, requiring scampering through the night to reach. Shouldn’t be a problem, but this is me, Miss Panicky-Pants.

Looks to be three quick steps from the outside door. Even I could do that on a dark, Greek night. 

The thirdly is the renting a set of rooms in an occupied house. Mr. Kissamatikas lives there and while I’m sure he’s a fine man (whom I’ve read nothing but glowing accounts of) a single woman with nerves of cracked bone china might be a little wary at first at moving in with a stranger… just saying. While I would do it, a small amount of guts are required.

Evirons Exploreability: You’ve got the entirety of Monemvasia to explore on foot, history meeting you at every narrow turn.

…And I’ll let the stars be my guide.

Links are active on the images, but otherwise you can find out all other details and book your writing nook stay here:

Home Away: https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p711419vb

Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3141871?s=JzAfmtr3

As always, comments are welcome!

Until our next writing nook…

Chloe Stowe




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