Writing Nook #3: The Camellia House in Covington, Louisiana

“Ah, so you’ve lost your backbone?” a cockeyed stranger late to this travel blog might assume at first peek of Writing Nook #3. “Scared yourself senseless with your last dare? Decided to burrow down into home ground? Poor thing.”

At this point a lesser (*cough*… more ballsy) person would swat said-stranger upside his cockeyed head and scoot his behind to the door. I, being a born and bred Southerner, would return with proper twang and indignation, “You’ve clearly never been to Louisiana, sir.” Then, shaking my head, I’d add judiciously, “Poor thing.”

Although I have spent the majority of my 43 years in the American South, I still don’t know it. No one ever does, I believe. It’s as varied and rich as a patchwork quilt. One square is never like another.

So, Louisiana calls this week. (Small town Louisiana, to be exact… although New Orleans is ever so near.) A stark departure from Greece to be sure, but as they say “there’s no place like home.”

The Camellia House Bed & Breakfast

Covington, Louisiana

(Room Choice: Petite Suite)

View: In this case, the view beyond the porch borders on the irrelevant. However, being in the small town’s historic district gives hope there’s something more beyond the railing.

Located in Covington’s historic district, this “raised Louisiana cottage” sings to this Southerner’s soul.
A sensuous and ever-so long romance weeps to be written here. Can’t you hear its sweet keening?… Or is that just me?

Quirkiness of Place: Odd, this. There is nothing particularly “quirky” about the inn, as far as I can dig up. It is the tiny Petite Suite that called to me. The authorly ghosts of Faulkner, Twain, and Williams would seem at peace here, I think… An odd thought, I suppose. Perhaps that in itself is the inn’s quirkiness?

What more does and author need than a sliver of a bed to lay her wordy head upon? Nothing, I’d argue…
Except, perhaps, for a small table for pen and journal? And large windows in which to pine? Done, and done.


Environs Exploreability: New Orleans is just a short drive away… but not too short a drive.

A pool in the South is never, ever a bad thing. Trust me.
A winter’s evening calls.

Please click on the images. They will take you to The Camellia House’s website, a small but ever so sweet experience. Otherwise, you can drop by these links for more information…



As always, comments are as welcomed as puppy kisses. Bring ‘em on!

Until our next Writing Nook…

Chloe Stowe

Where there are dogs, there is love… or so my hopeful heart steadfastly believes.

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