The Selcouth: Clos de Jeanne, Honfleur, France

The Selcouth… the unfamiliar, the rare, the strange but marvelous.

Atmosphere trumps creature comforts in these writing nooks.

Stories lurk in corners, characters of vile repute hide in shadows, and angels waltz with the dust mites in these places… at least in a writer’s eyes they do.

Here is the first nook to find its way into The Selcouth…


Bed, wine and atmosphere… What more does a writer need?

“Clos de Jeanne” Studio

Honfleur, France

The ground floor Master’s study. Plum and gold highlight the Baroque-style woodwork in this 30 square meters studio complete with bathroom and kitchenette. Originally, the ground floor Master’s study, the price is certainly right for this hideaway at only $55 per night. Note: Bedlinen is included but not the towels.

Personally, I’d try to refuse the television. Lock myself within these walls until a short story is done, I would.



A lovely bed in a unique, inspiring room.
The bathroom includes a walk-in shower.
The Clos de Jeanne is located on the ground floor.


Honfleur was a favorite for the impressionist painters who adored the light of this French fishing port.

Honfleur, France
Honfleur’s medieval quarter.


Only 50 yards from the studio is the 15th century St. Catherine Church.

The images are linked to their sources, a variety of fun sites to visit.

And here The Selcouth collection closes for the night. Fare thee well, my authorian travelers.

Until the next nook…

Chloe Stowe


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