The Capriccioso: Council Square Apartment, Brasov, Romania

The Capriccioso

Unpredictability with a faint, ever so sweet, hint of the volatile.

To do something with “capriccioso” is to do something capriciously. It is with capriccioso that I choose these writing nooks. Beyond being in my price range and meeting my most basic needs as a solo traveler, these establishments receive minor vetting on my part. They spark, if nothing more, a gut reaction from my writing soul.


Council Square Apartment

Brasov, Romania

It is the view from this holiday rental that struck a Pasternak-ian chord with me. I admit that I’m in the middle of reading Doctor Zhivago, so I confess to having a willing ear for all things… well, you’ll see below. Enjoy!


It was this view from the apartment’s window that won this rental’s place on The Capriccioso List. The Black Church is to the left, the Council House to the right. Stunning. A Romanian kiss to the mouth of a writer’s soul.
Residing in an 1890 building on the Council Square, this crisp and clean apartment offers a spectacular view of Brasov’s Christmas Market. At just over $110 per night, these rooms are gifts unto themselves.


Brasov, Romania. Winter. Be still my shivering heart.
…And then there is spring
The original staircase which leads to the apartment’s door. Hypnotic.
“The Fairy,” a bronze sculpture by Veaceslav Jiglitski, sits on the apartment’s balcony and charms passersby.

As always, the images are linked to their sources, which include the apartment’s page on HomeAway:

Until our next nook…

Chloe Stowe

Council Square from above. It hardly seems real… what a perfect place for a writer to be.

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