Writing Nook #10: Hebros Hotel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Perhaps a warning label would have been appropriate for this travel blog?

Something classy, not too showy?

Something honest and entirely direct?

Yes, well, have at it. I’ve only managed to come up with this (and an embarrassing amount of time it took me to scrape it together, too, I should add)…


Clearly, my brilliance lies in fields other than digital signage.

Anyhow, I apologize for my recent absence from this blog. The final edits of my 18th novel, The Hushing Days, have swallowed me whole these last few weeks. I have another month or so of work to do on the 100k manuscript, so updates will be sporadic for a while yet, I’m afraid.

Furthermore, today’s update will be incredibly brief. Pictures mostly, with my unerring foolishness attached as captions.

Nevertheless, I do hope you enjoy today’s spot of dreaming.

Now, on to this week’s writing nook!…


Hebros Hotel

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, the second largest city in the country, is located in south-central Bulgaria on the banks of the Maritsa River. 200 archaeological sites are spread across the town, including two ancient theaters… My art history bones are humming!
Public space
The hotel’s lobby complete with a 150 year old Berger piano… Oh, the stories this room could inspire! The visiting composer and the scullery maid, perhaps? (Oh, yeah, I definitely need to embark on another historical romance right now. Ok, moving on…)
Gossip Corner
The hotel calls this the “Gossip Corner.” No company needed. My muse and I could tall-tale here all day.
The “Hebros” restaurant has won many awards and is considered one of the finest eating establishments in the country. Skilled musicians offer accompaniment to the meals. Hmm, that composer-maid seed is once again fed.
There are 10 bedrooms in the 19th century Renaissance house, all individually decorated. This one is my favorite, I think. 
But I do love the windows in this room…
And the twin bed frames in this room are utterly delightful…
Bedroom 2
And this room just sings F. Scott Fitzgerald to me for some ridiculously beautiful reason…
And I can imagine the scullery maid and her composer making sweet music in this room…
And the coziness of this room is so intriguing, how could I pass it up?


Simply put, this hotel is a charmer… and it is well within my price range. No room’s rent is greater than 79 euros a night. Oh, how my literary heart flutters!

As always, all pictures are linked to their source… http://www.hebros-hotel.com/index.php

Until our next writing nook…

Chloe Stowe





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