Writing Nook #11: Casa Ristretta in Apricale, Italy

I really am a terrible travel blogger, aren’t I? Not only do I not get to go to the places I write about (excuse me while I give my crazy noggin another sound thumping for that), I keep no kind of schedule. The trains in Naples run more on time than I. (Remind me to tell you about that most interesting night my sister and I spent under the Naples train station sometime. My life might be extremely boring at times, but when it picks up it really does outdo itself.)

Anyhow, it is has been a month since I’ve shared a writing nook with you. A horrendous blogger indeed.

Well, I am here now and with me is a little place where I could happily scribble away a decade. Truly. Give me ten years here and oh the stories I and my old jalopy of a mind could write.

Since I believe you have waited far too long for this already, I will stop talking now and let you enjoy…

Casa Ristretta

Apricale, Italy


Apricale, Italy… I’ve always dreamed of hiding away a lifetime in a hill town such as this.

As if being tucked into a traditional Italian hill town wasn’t good enough, the Casa Ristretta sits right next door to the south of France. If one tires of a long slow devilishly deep massage of the soul, one can Fiat over to the Cote d’Azur and have a tryst with the fast, fevered and rich. At only $73 per night, there would be coin enough for many dalliances.

The town square of Apricale decorated for Valentine’s Day. Talk about a setting in which to write a romance!
Not often does a room seem to hug you. This bedroom does. I feel a fetal position nap coming. 
I’ve developed an odd attachment to this little kitchen. It reminds me of my grandmother’s farmhouse, I suppose. Warm and simple, buzzing with summer bees.
I’d bathe in the twilight hours here with only the lantern tucked into the wall as my company.
I do like a place without an abundance of mirrors. If I wish to see myself, let me search the experience out. Don’t bore with me ease.
The covered terrace provides safety from the elements while not losing a single button on its finery of view… (I leave this abominable little caption by me in just to show very bad metaphors sometimes happen to us all.
Is that a Chia Pet in the window? I do hope so. I could bounce some story ideas off the little guy.

As has become custom around here, the images are all linked to their source… https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p1672097

Until our next writing nook…

Chloe Stowe


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