Writing Nook #2: Harborage Inn on the Oceanfront

Rarely, I imagine, has there been such an angst-ridden choice of a Bed & Breakfast. Through no fault of their own (except for their utter irresistibility), three American establishments have vied for my “Writing Nook” attention this past week. My OCD-tendencies went a little mad at the prospect of having to choose only one to feature here.

This may be the point when you ask, “Dear child, why not include all three?” A stellar question, indeed, but one with a mundane answer, I’m afraid.

As part of the trial and error festivities of this my first travel blog, when I fell in love with this trio I had as of yet set my maximum nightly budget. Silly, silly me. One of the requirements of my self-defined “Writing Nook” is an extended stay (10 days at the least… time enough for a short story to be written or a novel to be well and truly born). Seeing as how I’m a poorly paid novelist, my limited budget is $170 per night. (I can scrimp and save with the best of them. Give me a couple of years and I can tuck away just enough.)

However, I could not in all good conscience let all three of these fine nooks go without at least a singular mention. So, please enjoy this winning treasure. Though out of my budget it is still very much in my heart.

The Harborage Inn at dusk. What a magical feel she has!

Harborage Inn on the Oceanfront… Boothbay Harbor, Maine 

Room: Harbor Escape #8

If I could, I would… No finer five words could describe my intentions toward this Atlantic Coast Bed & Breakfast. A 3rd-generation family run business, the Harborage Inn has been serving downtown Boothbay Harbor since 1925. (Can’t you just feel the small town history rustling your coattails, begging for an ear?) I have been to Maine many years ago and adored it. I would love to revisit her charms again… and this time bring my quill and ink.

The view from the room Harbor Escape #8 leaves me pretty much speechless.

View (from the room: Harbor Escape #8): Water has always soothed me. Having lived with a chronic panic disorder for the last 23 years, I’ve learned to embrace wholeheartedly what calms my soul. Water, the vast expanse of it, the sheer movability of it fends off the claustrophobia the world and its people often bring to me. A harbor scene surrounding my bed, both day and night and in between promises sweet dreams and even sweeter tales.

The balcony outside of Harbor Escape #8. Again, words would be wasted here.

Quirkiness of Place: Once again, I’ll allow the pictures to hum this virtue’s song. There are so many from which to choose.

A cozy abode for a fine writing binge. I’m sure Zelda (my new suitcase) would feel right at home here.

Environs Exploreability: “The Boating Capital of New England,” Boothbay Harbor (home to less than 3,000 people) offers boating excursions to nearby islands, whale watching, an opera house, light houses and a 1,000ft footbridge spanning its natural harbor. While crowds fill the coastal lanes in summer, I’d prefer a winter excursion and the slower pace I’m sure the New England chill affords.

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

As always, all images are linked to their source, in this instance the Harborage Inn’s own website… http://www.harborageinn.com/ For booking, more information and even more glorious pictures please visit their delightful site. Personal experiences, testimonials, etc. are all welcome here. Please, feel free to share.

Until the next nook…

Chloe Stowe

1885 map of Boothbay Harbor, Maine



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